Nike released this commercial in Oct 2016 called “Come out of Nowhere”. In it, LeBron repeats the saying “you’re not supposed to be here” while a number of underdog stories are shown (girl playing vs. boys, black kid at a white school, short kid vs. tall kids, etc.) and then it shows LeBron James coming out of the tunnel onto the court to him saying “You’re not even supposed to be here, and yet, here you are”.

Ya. OK Nike. Nice Try. I call bullshit. 

LeBron James is a lot of things but an underdog story he ain’t. Let’s review some LeBron James facts:

  • 6’8″, 250 lbs of muscle and unbelievably quick for his size.
  • Was drafted 1st overall out of high school.
  • Before that, he was named Mr. Ohio Basketball 3 times while in high school, Mr. USA Basketball twice, became the first high school athlete to be on the cover of sports illustrated magazine, and had his high school basketball games nationally televised.
  • If you were to ask me to name one human in the world that is ‘supposed’ to be a NBA Basketball Player I would say LeBron James with no hesitation.

So nice try Nike, but next time you want to play up an underdog story, get a different athlete.

Bonus Grinds My Gears
TSN tweeted this out:

NO SHIT TSN! Really had to bust out the advanced analytics to come to that conclusion. What’s next, an article on how Carey Price is important to the Habs?

Do Better.