Fantasy Football Advice – How to use the waiver wire to win your league.

Lets start with some basic Q&A
Q: How is the waiver priority set. A: Reverse order of the draft.
Q: What does the the waiver priority do. A: if two fantasy GMs both try to pick up the same player, the one with the better waiver priority gets him (1=best).
Q: How does the waiver priority change during the year. A: If you pick up a player from the waiver wire, you go to the end of the list. Picking up a player once they become a free agent (usually after Wednesday) does not impact your waiver priority order.
Q: How valuable is a good waiver priority spot. A: EXTREMELY (if you use it right). I would literally trade for it if I could. I’ll tell you how to use the waiver wire properly here:

What not to do – the spray and pray approach
If you’ve ever played Call of Duty, this would be the guy spinning in a circle with a machine gun hoping to hit pay dirt but mostly shooting into walls.

Most people waste their waiver spots on guys they read about having good weeks, bye week fill-ins and even plug and play defenses (probably against the Browns and apparently the Rams too). Seems like a good idea in the short run but long term it’s a waste.

What to do – Be a Sniper!
This is the approach I use and one that has won countless fantasy leagues for me.

I don’t use the waiver wire at all unless I am picking up a player I think will be starting for me in the fantasy playoffs. Usually that involves waiting until Wednesday each week to pick any one up so they are free agents (mostly bye week fillers) while I move to a better and better waiver priority position. Then when I’m #1 or #2, I look for an absolute gem of a waiver wire add and only then will I act. By a gem I specifically mean a backup running back that becomes a starter when the incumbent is either injured or suspended for a long period of time. Think DeAngelo Williams last year. This approach takes a lot of discipline. I’ve held on to the #1 waiver spot from week 1 to week 14 one year but it’s worth it when you have a RB1 in the playoffs that you didn’t draft.

For example, unless somehow Spencer Ware or Will Fuller went undrafted in your league, there is nobody worth using a waiver add on this week. This is a week to be patient and let everyone else waste their spot on someone that will probably ride their bench and/or be dropped in a few weeks.

Good Luck with your player adds (or non-adds if you’re smart!)


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