How mad does Drew Brees have to be right now? On Sunday Brees threw for 423 yards and 4 touchdowns including this 98 yard dime to Brandin Cooks but the Saints swiss cheese defense gave up 35 points (including 3 touchdowns and a 2 point conversion in the 4th quarter alone) and lost.

Answer – not as mad as Randy Moss when Trent Dilfer tried to give an opinion about the whole Colin Kaepernick/anthem thing.

While the Saints D is next-level-bad, one still has to give props to the Raiders and the gutsy call to go for the win on the 2 point conversion (leading to a solid twitter burn of ESPN’s analytics).



Derek Carr is turning into a very good quarterback and is joined by a few others who are going to take their teams from perennial bottom 5 teams to playoff contenders. I’m talking about him, Blake Bortles (Jags nearly beat the Packers), Jameis Winston (Bucs win divisional game on the road) and maybe Marcus Mariota (not as sold on him but he has the least help around him so it’s hard to tell).

Speaking of Winston, he’s at the top of my list for the next QB to join the elite (which includes exactly Brady, Brees, Rodgers and Newton with Luck and Wilson’s applications pending). 4000 yards in his rookie season is impressive and the 22-15 TD to interception ratio is one of a rookie that lacks experience. I don’t think it’s far fetched to think he can do 30-10 this year and he’s off to a great start with 281 yards, 4 TD’s and 1 INT against Atlanta, including this bomb to Mike Evans.

The real test for Winston and the Bucs passing game is going to come in the next 4 games when they play the following defenses:
Arizona – oh shit
LA – oh shit!
Denver – OH SHIT!

Fantasy Football Pro Tip – if the Bucs struggle during the next 4 weeks, try to buy low on Winston, Evans and Martin in a trade during their bye week in week 6. The Bucs have a really easy schedule after that including playing the Saints, Cowboys and Saints again during the fantasy playoffs (week 14-16).

Back to Sunday – can we please just go ahead and start calling Cincinnati the Cincinnati AJ Green’s? That team has exactly one weapon and he made his trip to Revis island look like a beach vacation. Andy Dalton threw 23 completions and more than half went to AJ Green, who turned them into 180 yards and a TD. When Eifert comes back he should get his fair share of targets but until then, it’s the AJ Green show in Cincinnati.

It’s only a matter of time until an important game is decided by a missed PAT at the end of a game. A missed PAT already cost the Jets as they missed one in the second quarter and then eventually lost by one point and it almost cost the seahawks and lions as well but they were both able to win dramatic games.

Speaking of drama, while most people are moving on in survivor football, there was probably an uptick of heart attacks and strokes on Sunday as the Seahawks and Chiefs needed last minute comebacks to win and even the Texans and Packers made things dicey.

I’m beginning to consider a strategy of just picking against the Browns every week. They suckkkkkkkk. The Eagles were 7-9 last year, have the 5th-worst odds to win the superbowl according to vegas, had a coaching change in the offseason and are starting a rookie quarterback who’s partially injured and yet they cruised to a 29-10 win over the Browns, the largest margin of victory on Sunday. And now RG3 is injured, which may actually make them better, but I hope not for my sake :).

Statistically speaking, the Browns are likely to win at least 1 or 2 games but I’m wondering if we’re about to see something special this season.