In 2011 ESPN posted a study that named Toronto as the worst pro sports city in North America. While the data used for the study was both complicated and idiotic, it reflected a time in Toronto sports when the Raptors were a bottom 3 team in the NBA, the Leafs were stuck in about 23rd in the NHL, the Jays were a .500 team that hadn’t made the playoffs in (figuratively) forever and Toronto FC hadn’t made the playoffs in (literally) forever.

Just 5 years later, the Raptors made the Eastern Conference Finals, the Jays are tied for first in the division and are a legitimate World Series contender, Toronto FC is now in first in the MLS Eastern Conference and while the Leafs still suck, the fan base is largely happy with the rebuilding progress the team has made.

Here is a look at the standings placement of each team by city in North America:

city ranking

Of the cities with 4 or more franchises (highlighted in blue), Toronto is currently sitting as the best city in North America!

Can you debate this conclusion? Of course you can. It’s entirely simplistic. Technically I should have weighted it in different ways. Championships should be worth more, the MLS should be worth less, I could have included the CFL and NLL, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Regardless of all of that, it’s clear that Toronto has come a long way in 5 years and we are one Leafs re-build and one championship away from being unquestionably the #1 pro sports city in North America.